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The 10 Most Beautiful Women Of All Time


Date Of Birth-1 June 1926
Place Of Birth-Los Angeles -U.S
Occupation-Actress,Model And Singer
Height-1,66 m Or 5 ft 4 In

2-Monica Bellucci

Date Of Birth-30 September 1964
Place Of Birth-Italy
Occupation-Actress And Model
Height-1,71 m Or 5 ft 7 in

3.Audrey Hepburn

Date Of Birth-4 May 1929
Place Of Birth-Brussels -Belgium
Occupation-Actress And Humanitarian
Height-1,7 m Or 5 ft 7 in

4.Miranda Kerr

Date Of Birth-20 April 1983
Place Of Birth-Sydney- Australia
Height-1,75 m Or 5 ft 9 in

5.Angelina Jolie

Date Of Birth- 4 June  1975
Place Of Birth-Los Angeles- U.S.
Occupation-Model,Filmmaker And Model
Height-1,69 m Or 5 ft 6 in

6.Aishwarya Rai

Date Of Birth- 1 November 1973
Place Of Birth- Karnataka-India
Height-1,7 m Or 5 ft 7 in

7.Megan Fox

Date Of Birth- 16  May 1986
Place Of Birth- Sydney-Australia
Occupation-Actress And Model
Height-1,63 m Or 5 ft 4 in

8.Sophia Loren

Date Of Birth- 20 September 1934
Place Of Birth- Rome-Italy
Occupation-Actress And Singer
Height-1,74 m Or 5 ft 7 in

9.Naomi Campbell

Date Of Birth- 22 May 1970
Place Of Birth-  London- England
Occupation-Actress And Model
Height-1,75 m Or 5 ft 9 in

10.Brigitte Bardot

Date Of Birth- 28 September 1934
Place Of Birth-  Paris- France
Occupation-Singer,Dancer And Model
Height-1,70 cm Or 5 ft 5 in


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